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The AEG Voyager Pro launches into 2016 with enhanced features and colour configurations

4th January 2016

New 12 and 16 channel models cater for evolving colour and production requirements

AEG wide-format printers were conceived to satisfy the strong market requirement for a well-built, high-performing and yet sensibly priced, combination roll-to-roll and flatbed platform, with versatility in its ink options to make them easily configurable according to user requirements. First generation models featured a maximum of 8 channels, however, from the start of 2016, customers will be able to purchase base models which can be upgraded to include up to 12 or 16 channels.

FESPA 2015 saw the launch of the AEG Voyager Pro “B-series” featuring vacuum-belt media transportation as an alternative to pinch-rollers, for customers with heavier flat-bed or rigid printing requirements. Customers could also now choose between traditional mercury-arc or LED UV-curing.  This latest expansion in the range of configuration options are reflective of the company’s increasing focus on customised print solutions for special and industrial applications, which they are uniquely positioned to offer.

Customers can now order an AEG Voyager Pro with a base ink-set of CMYK, to be later upgraded to include light colours for smoother gradients and skin tones, gamut-boosting colours such as orange, green, violet and red, and a choice of spot channels including metallic, white and clear. There is also enough capacity to run two or more complete ink sets side by side, where special ink functionality may be desirable for certain applications.

Upgrades to increase the number of installed ink channels can be performed at the customer site for convenience, with minimal down-time during the process, future-proofing the initial investment and offering real flexibility for customers whose production or workflow requirements are likely to evolve over time.