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Since inception, the design and quality of AEG products have reflected a relentless pursuit for perfection, weaving together both form and function into a seamless, complementary whole. Over the last 125 years, whilst the range of AEG products has grown, the essence of what makes a product 'AEG' remains unchanged.

Our range of AEG professional printing equipment and supplies, featuring wide-format and indutrial UV-curable printers, UV-curable and Solvent-based wide format inks, as well as a selection of premium grade, speciality media products, have all been manufactured and tested in Europe, to the same demanding standards our customers have come to expect of all AEG products worldwide.

Please click here to download a catalogue featuring our new product range.

We understand that printing is about much more than meeting a functional requirement. The quality of your printing sends a message to customers, suppliers, investors and others about how quality-conscious your organisation is, acting as a powerful indicator of your organisation's overall quality culture.

In a nutshell - we recognise that print quality matters and are the perfect partners to help you to ensure that all of your printing leaves an excellent impression, inspiring confidence in your products and services.

Additional details about our range of products will be made available here in due course. Meanwhile, please contact us if you have any specific queries.